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Whiteboard Functionality Available in Zaurus

Many organizations use Outlook intensively – both for exchanging emails and managing their calendar. When you are also using Zaurus’ digital consulting rooms for conducting video calls, it would, of course, be super handy if you could create your digital consulting room at the same time as creating an appointment or meeting in Outlook. Thanks to Zaurus’ new add-in for Outlook, this is now an option.

How to use the whiteboard in practice

After you installed the Zaurus add-in for Outlook, your calendar interface will show you an extra button (with the Zaurus icon) at the top right of your menu, whenever you create a new appointment or meeting. If you click it, a side bar will show, giving you the option to log into your Zaurus account. In addition to being able to draw 'freehand', one can also choose to upload images or PDFs to draw on.

For example, healthcare providers can upload an X-ray (as shown in the example above) and then circle or comment on important or striking elements. 

The whiteboard functionality is also ideal for, for example, speech therapists who often work with small children and have them do exercise sheets in different colors. 

Psychologists who use our platform have also requested a whiteboard, so that they can easily clarify / draw out / annotate things during their meetings with clients.

Get started

Does your organization already have a paid Zaurus subscription? Then you should now see a new button next to the 'Start video call' button in every consulting room and you are ready to get started. Feel free to try it out and consider how you could use this functionality to make remote care and consultations with fellow healthcare providers run even more smoothly. Do let us know about any interesting use cases you come up with, we always love to hear more about the wide range of practical applications of our solutions!

If you do not have an active Zaurus subscription yet, you can try Zaurus for free by starting a free trial or contact us to discuss the possibilities. 

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