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Conducting Video Calls straight from SAP

Since the beginning of this year, Zuyderland Medical Center (a Dutch hospital) has invested in scaling up the use of digital consultations, using our digital consulting rooms. An important step in this process was the implementation of our SAP integration in August. Zuyderland is the first hospital to deploy this Zaurus integration with SAP throughout their organization.

Part of the existing process

Due to the corona crisis, Zuyderland started the ‘basic’ implementation of Zaurus as swiftly as they could. In order to grow the use of digital consultations for the long term, it was clear from the start that Zaurus had to be made part of existing work processes – by means of an integration with SAP. This has the following benefits:

  • Appointments for digital consultations are scheduled directly in SAP, in the same way as ‘physical’ consultations;
  • No additional actions are required. This prevents errors and is a lot more efficient.

How does it work for the healthcare provider?

When an appointment has been scheduled in SAP, it will be included in the healthcare provider’s work list. A digital consultation can then easily be started from the appointment entry in SAP.

For the healthcare provider, there are two ways to enter the digital consulting room:

  1. By means of one of the many Zaurus apps: the consulting room is automatically added to the personal Zaurus account of the healthcare provider;
  2. By means of the online page with the consulting room interface, which allows him/her to enter the consulting room without using any of the apps. This looks as follows:


How does it work for the patient?

The patient receives the same unique link to the online page as described in option 2 above. The only difference is that the patient can access this link in the Zuyderland Medical Center patient portal. As such, they won’t have to download any additional Zaurus apps.


Would your organization also like to ensure that video calling becomes a permanent part of existing work processes? Do contact us, we look forward to discussing the possibilities to realize an integration such as the SAP integration described above for your organization.

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