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Domestic Care Organization TSN Uses Smart Glasses for Improved Remote Assistance

TSN, a provider of nursing and care at residential care locations and in the neighborhood, has been using the Zaurus Smart Glasses app since November 2020. Using smart glasses, care providers can stream images and sound to one or more colleagues, so that they can provide support  without being physically present.


The Smart Glasses App

The Smart Glasses app is connected to Zaurus’ digital consulting rooms. The separate app allows the care provider to stream images and speech to a regular digital consulting room. The person who is watching / advising can use the standard Zaurus apps to check on the procedures as if it were a regular video call.  


Case 1: Wound Care Advice

Home care workers use the glasses to stream treatments during the treatment of wounds at clients’ homes to one or more specialized colleagues.

These colleagues can check what the home care worker is doing remotely, assess the wound and, where necessary, give advice about its care.

A big advantage of the smart glasses compared to a tablet is that the employee has their hands free to perform immediate actions.

Case 2: Supervision of Nurses in Training

The smart glasses are also used to guide nurses in training. They perform medical procedures, while their trainer is watching from another location.  

“The main advantage was that my directing district nurse was able to assess me well while she was at home due to circumstances, which would normally never have been possible, of course", says nurse Maurice Telkamp. "She said it was like looking through my eyes.”

Future Plans

TSN believes in this technology and the organization is now working with Zaurus to see how the smart glasses can be used in other situations as well. As it is, their use of smart glasses is a great example of how technology supports the quality and effectiveness of care.

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At TSN they are using Vuzix M400 smart glasses.
An example of a Dutch distributor of such smart glasses is VR Expert.

The Zaurus Glasses app can be downloaded from the Vuzix Store.