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Create Digital Consulting Rooms with the Zaurus Add-in for Outlook

Many organizations use Outlook intensively – both for exchanging emails and managing their calendar. When you are also using Zaurus’ digital consulting rooms for conducting video calls, it would, of course, be super handy if you could create your digital consulting room at the same time as creating an appointment or meeting in Outlook. Thanks to Zaurus’ new add-in for Outlook, this is now an option.

How does it work?

After you installed the Zaurus add-in for Outlook, your calendar interface will show you an extra button (with the Zaurus icon) at the top right of your menu, whenever you create a new appointment or meeting. If you click it, a side bar will show, giving you the option to log into your Zaurus account. 


After you have logged in, you will have to enter a title for your meeting (if you had not already done so). Next you can click the ‘Create consulting room’ button in the Zaurus side-bar. The add-in will add a unique room-link as a location for the meeting. It will also be added to the description of the appointment, along with some extra information and an access code. 

Any participants you invite for the appointment will be able to join the conversation without having to register for a Zaurus account or having to download one of our apps. They can simply enter the URL in the browser of their choice, enter their name and join (they will be prompted to enter the access code). 

Get started with the add-in

The Zaurus add-in for Outlook has been published in the Microsoft store and can be downloaded by Zaurus users without any additional costs.